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History of Tiffin Wallahs

Tiffin dates back to the days of the Raj where British afternoon tea was replaced the local Indian practice of taking a light meal at that hour. Every weekday in Mumbai, where the tiffin tradition began, you can still see hundreds of tiffin wallahs racing around the streets with their bicycles piled high with stainless steel tiered boxes, delivering hot lunches to workers. You can even collect your takeaway in one of our stylish steel tiffin boxes, for a small deposit. The Tiffin Truck is brought to you by the people behind NAVADHANYA, which is ranked the number one Indian restaurant in Cambridge on TripAdvisor and is listed in the Michelin Guide 2018.
Welcome to Tiffin Truck

A taste sensation awaits you!

A fast and funky bar and restaurant where you can enjoy Indian
marketfood dishes alongside Indian craft beers and cocktails. Enjoy
the authentic atmosphere of an Indian bazaar for a speedy lunch or
delicious evening meal, to eat in or take away. Our menus have been
inspired by famous Indian street food favourites and home-style tiffin
lunches enjoyed by workers across India.

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Deals on Cocktails,Beer,Wine.
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